Causes And Effects Of Reconstruction

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The American Civil War that was started due to the controversy over slavery in 1861, was won by The Union supported by President Lincoln against the Confederate states. President Lincoln’s original goal during the civil war was to reunify the nation as quickly as possible and help both sides come to an understanding. After the Civil War ended in 1865, the newly formed United States’ reconstruction era began. The Reconstruction era was put into effect by the Congress in 1866 and lasted until 1877. The Union’s victory in the Civil War had given African Americans a new sense of hope, devastated the southern economy, and eased the history of disunity in American political life. Reconstruction was a program used to help the south rebuild and join the union again, which could only be possible if the confederacy was destroyed. Reconstruction successfully united the southern states with the Union improving the economy for the whole country, creating a legally just racial society, and helping southerners in need get back on their feet. The Union’s reconstruction plan improved the southern economy by shifting the dynamics from a landownership economy to a sharecropping system. The aftermath of the Civil War the southern economy in shambles; the southern states lost two thirds of their wealth that left their industry crippled as a result of many southern farms, factories, and railroads being destroyed. The southern economy had been so devastated, that they needed the Union’s
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