Confederate Flag Controversy

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The controversy issues over the confederate flag has arose quickly in the last couple of years. In this picture there is an African American clinching the Confederate Flag. Over many years the question still remains the same. Does the so called, “Confederate Flag” stand for southern pride? Or, does it stand for segregation and racism as this picture seems portrays?
Polls have been taken over a period of time only to receive similar percentages of answers. The percentage stays the very same over the years. Mainly, the outcome states that the flag represents southern pride mostly by over 50% every time, rather than the banner promoting racism.
Originally born as a practical banner of the commanders of the Confederate Army in Virginia, the commanders of the south wanted a symbol to identify their cause and their troops to serve as their battle flag during the Civil War. After going through a few ideas they chose the first Confederacy`s National flag -The Stars and Bars- to serve as their battle symbol during the war. The Stars and Bars was designed to distinctively to be arranged and colored. Identifying the different unions between the North and South, identifying exactly which side they fought for.
In the beginning (1861) the flag was designed in the shape of a rectangle, striped in two bright bold red stripes with one large white
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When the war ended in 1877 the South lost. However, their flag lived on. In the following years they used the Confederate Battle Flag (the parts they wanted to use) as a symbol of the South. In all actuality the South did not agree with how the war ended. They still were extremely bitter about losing the war. Southerners did not want African Americans as equals and wanted to preserve slavery, the states rights, and political liberty for all whites, they strongly disagreed with the views of the
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