Argumentative Essay On Confederate Flag

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When a flag is presented in a rival that brings hate and discontent to America it should be removed from being displayed. I strongly am offended of the Confederate flag and my opinion is a lot of others are also offended. The constant reminder of the mistreatment and enslavement of the black race is still being suffered by black people today. The confederate flag brings grief to my heart as my ancestors were subjected to slavery. The Confederate flag was widely used in the The American Civil War 1861–1865, by southern states. The civil war was based on the abolishment of slavery; a war in which the south lost. The confederacy believed that slavery was a constitutional right. It is my opinion the confederate flag love and displaying is based …show more content…

Pictures of the accused killer flooded television, social networks and newspapers. The displaying of the killer holding the confederate flag was displayed because of the killer’s hate for the black race. Nine people were killed in the shooting spree. The incident in my opinion was a demonic act because the killer sat and open fire while the congregation prayed. Sadly, only because of nine people dying because of racism, the flag was removed for several southern states. I am not sure if the banning of the flag would have avoided this incident because the people that were fighting to keep the flag displayed still showed lack of compassion and sympathy for this incident. I personally watched the removal and was overwhelm with emotion as the flag was march off South Carolina grounds. I thought of my great grandfather and uncle who was slain by white people in June 27, 1916 and July 7, 1916. Again my position on The Confederate Flag is removal and dismissal of displaying of the flag. The displaying of the confederate flag is a ugly demonstration hidden behind the ugly history of slavery. I believe strongly a lot of the black race share my feelings. I believe in so many ways it can prepare America for the future and bring some healing to our

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