Essay On Confederate Remembrance

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What does confederate remembrance mean to you? Confederate Remembrance is a hot topic hitting headlines today. Some believe that the confederacy is a sign of racism and others believe it is about heritage. The philosopher George Santayana once said "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” (George Santayana) Southern Confederate statues and buildings, some feel it is important to remember history or it will repeat itself. Remembering our past even when it is painful will help us to not make the same mistake again. Some people want to tear down statues of General Robert E. Lee and get rid of the stars and bars (confederate flag). To get rid of those things would be like getting rid of someone 's ancestry and earacing …show more content…

In this movie the guys that drive that car are the rebels of the movie. They are considered somewhat of the outlaws.(confederate remembrance) There are multiple statues, street names, buildings, schools, holidays, military bases, and monuments that are just some examples representing confederate soldiers or leaders in over 30 states that are at risk of being removed or changed. Although most people do not understand what the confederacy actually stands for. Most think it is a sign of racism but in reality it is a flag the represented the south just like the north had their own flag. People have now associated the confederate flag with slavery but that is not the case it means the rebels. The confederate flag is a part of our history at one point in time it was our nation 's flag the it evolved into what we have today. The flag we know as the confederate flag was actually just the battle flag because the actual flag looked similar to the north flag it was created so they would not be confused in battle. Currently in Russia they are erecting statues of Joseph Stalin so as we are fighting to take down our history they are supporting their

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