Confederate Flag Essay

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The three horizontal stripes of equal height, alternating red and white, with a blue square two-thirds the height of the flag as a canton. The Confederate Flag, which stood for the Confederacy during 1861-1865. Once the American Civil War ended, there has been private and official use of the flag. The flag commonly recognized the symbol of the Southern United States, or also known as the “rebel flag.” Within the 21st century the confederate flag has now become highly divisive symbol in the United States. Within the United States the Confederate flag has been given the same protection from burning and desecration as the United States flag. The flags are being protected from being publicly mutilated, these laws banning discretion of any flag.…show more content…
The Confederate States of America had three different flags throughout the Civil War. The flag we know as the confederate was only symbolized as their flag after they lost the war. While this flag does symbolized slavery and racism one of ten people still feel positive towards the Confederate flag. Today there is a lot of controversy of the Confederate Flag. The South Carolina House voted to remove the confederate Flag from the capital property after hours of debate and emotional speeches for and against taking down the flag. But if there was never the massacre of nine black church members never happened would they still of taken the flag down? A fight over the Confederate flag even popped up in congress when Republicans proposed a allowing the flag in federally ran cemeteries. There is a lot of emotional debate when it comes to the flag. Over all if we did pass a law saying that there shouldn’t be any more Confederate Flags, it’s almost like ghost. Whether they do pass a law people will still believe that there is nothing wrong in hanging a Confederate Flag. While the flag is generally negative towards many people it is still widely accepted throughout the states. Part of this has to do with the freedom of speech. I believe it would be fine to personally display the flag, however do not put it on official buildings or capitals. In the end this will be a problem that will probably never resolve due to the negative and perhaps the positive symbols of this
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