Essay On Confederate Shootings

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Jenkins, Jack. "How The Charleston Shooting Is Linked To The Confederate Flag, According To A South Carolinian." Think Progress. N.p., 19 June 2015. Web. 27 Sept. 2015. This article discusses how the Confederate flag is connected to the shootings in Charleston. It describes that the reporters were all over the story and the news of the shootings were traveling fast and the fact that he had the Confederate flag on him made people feel even more disturbed. They said that some believe that the shootings in South Carolina had everything to do with the Confederate flag because the shooter wanted to start another civil war and some could say the flag gave him the mindset to do it along with other factors. Others said that they still saw the flag as heritage and it is still important to them. The author a been a Senior writer and researcher and had had a lot of experience with writing articles. The article was also written this year and it has a lot of information that he quoted from different sources. I chose this source because it showed a different viewpoint when it came to the Charleston …show more content…

The town is small and the people weren’t all happy to hear that the flag might be taken down, so some of the people decided to fight back. They said they would sue if they tried to take it down because they found that it is illegal to tamper with a memorial site because it’s for Veterans as a sign of respect. The source came from the same author as my last source and he has covered the Confederate flag debate extensively and he went to this town and saw firsthand their fight over the flag at the museum. The source used information from the towns people and it was an interesting story because of the rich history the town had. I decided to use it because it showed how important these issues over the Confederate flag are regardless of what side is

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