Why Did The Mexican War Happened To Manifest Destiny?

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Many Americans believed that it was their Manifest Destiny to obtain a portion of Mexico. Other Americans wanted more land to protect themselves from other nations invading their land. Some Americans opposed the idea because it would add another slave state. Slidell went to Mexico to buy California and New Mexico for 3 million dollars and was willing to give 2 million dollars for the damages caused. His offer was denied. Polk learned of this and decided to allow his army to advance. Before war was actually declared, the two sides had already begun to fight. Taylor’s army fought Arista’s army at the Rio Grande. Arista fought for the Mexican side. When Polk heard this information, he convinced the Senate and Congress to approve the war declaration. …show more content…

In addition, there was a rumor that Mexican land had gold, which was later proved true when America took California and they discovered gold. This is a secondary source.
The Mexican War is often forgotten because it seemed unimportant. It did not lead to the destruction of all of the region of Mexico and it ended in a treaty. Fifty thousand volunteer participated in the American army. The war was started because Texas was annexed, the quick expansion of Territory that America had gone through, ideas like Manifest Destiny, the unstable Mexican government, the Texas Revolution, and the disagreement about the border. America was greedy for war and desired more land. Mexico did not want to give its land up, but Polk had plans to take it. Ever since the beginning of his election, he had planned to take away California. The idea of Manifest destiny caused America to buy the Louisiana Purchase and to annex Texas. Santa Anna was in exile in 1844, but he was president before he was exiled. Herrera became the president in 1845. Paredes later became the president. The unstable government was the reason that Mexico couldn’t make a treaty with America before the Mexican war was launched. The United States sent Joel R. Poinsett to determine the …show more content…

Polk was the eleventh president that started the war with Mexico. During his presidency, Manifest Destiny was a popular idea. He declared war after one year of presidency. Mexico gained its independence from Spain before the Mexican War. Once it had gained its independence, it allowed Anglo-Saxon Americans to settle on Texas. They outnumbered the Tejanos, so on April 6, 1830, Mexico raised the taxes and increased the amount of military soldiers in Texas. They despised these laws and Texas rebelled in October 1835. They fought in the Alamo, participated in the Battle of Goliad, and finished the Texas Revolution in the Battle of San Jacinto. April 1836 was when Texas won its independence. Mexico believed that America caused the Texas Revolution. America had raised money for weapons and some soldiers joined the army of Texas. Mexico became angry when Texas was annexed. President Tyler was the one who invited Texas to be a part of the United States. Texas claimed the border was the Rio Grande which decreased the amount of Mexican land. Mexico didn’t want to negotiate about where Texas’s border was and they didn’t want to give up California or New Mexico. On February 1846, Polk made General Zachary Taylor move toward the Rio Grande. On April 24 1846, a Mexican army advanced. April 25 1846 was when Thornton and his army was attacked by the Mexican army for invading the land. War began on that day and Taylor had fought in the battle of Palo Alto and the Resaca de Palma.

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