Mexican American War Analysis

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The first half of the nineteenth century was a period of successful expansion for the United States. American hunger for westward expansion resulted in several and political disputes between the United States and Mexico. Americans believed in the Manifest Destiny as an act to spread across from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean to seek for wealth and land . Tensions sparked when the American settlers encountered an obstacle with the indigenous tribes against the annexation of Texas along with various frontier states in Mexico. Primary causes of the Mexican-American War were the Louisiana Purchase, the Manifest Destiny, and the Texas Annexation. The outcome of the Mexican-American War led to the Treaty of Guadalupe, the Gadsden Purchase, …show more content…

American settlers at first settled locally between the Missouri Territories and the Appalachian Mountains, through the course of time, Americans poured into the Mexican area and illegally populated California, New Mexico, and Texas.
The Mexican republic began to turn its attention on its borders to the potential threat of the U.S expansion. Stephen Austin, son of a former businessman, offered the Mexicans a deal that appeared to solve the American settlers from illegally settling in Texas. Austin argued that Anglo settlements would increase the value of the land and bring Mexico the needed tax revenues, along with the adoption of Catholicism. Mexican leaders were tempted that the deal would provide appropriate changes to the Mexican economy and …show more content…

The Mexican government threatened the United States that if Texas entered the Union, it would result to break diplomatic relations with the United States. President James Polk was in favor of Texas entering the Union as a state, and signed the Texas Administration Act on December 29, 1845. Texas was made as a state on 1845, thus, Mexico broke off relations with the United States resulting the emergence of the Mexican-American War.
President Polk declared war on Mexico, on June 1846 and sent troops to New Mexico and California under General Kearny. American forces expelled the Mexican army from parts of California, New Mexico, and Texas. After three years of constant battle, the U.S Army defeated the Mexican forces at Mexico City on September 1847. The war had officially ended on 1848 by the Treaty of Guadalupe; Texas became an additional state to the United States

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