Mexican-American War Dbq

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The Mexican-American War was the first war to be fought mostly on foreign soil. During this period, the newly formed the United States was eagerly seeking to expand their territory towards the west. When failed attempts to obtain lands by purchasing them from Mexico for the price of $30,000,000 dollars. The U.S. government felt there was little hope of gaining these territories by peaceful means, a war was inevitable. Mexico was still bitter despite Texas gaining their independence in 1836, voluntarily selling their lands to the United States was not an option. The Mexican-American War was a fascinating part of our history that is filled with negotiations, conquests, deceit, failed battles, and unsurpassed victory.
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However, their other possible reasons why the U.S. declared war on May 13, 1846, despite no official declaration of war from Mexico. According to Jennings, “If the war against Mexico demonstrated the potential for the Army to lead multifaceted teams to decisively win on distant and unfamiliar terrain, future endeavors in far-flung theaters will surely provide the opposite, and ultimately crucible, to do so once again” (48). If the U.S. were to be victorious in this campaign, then they would feel confident in future war endeavors.
During this campaign, even though the U.S. was winning over the ill-prepared Mexican army, President Polk was blindsided by exiled General Antonio Lopez de Santa Ana who claimed that he was able to make peaceful negotiations with Mexico; if he was able to return. This proves that President Polk was either too preoccupied with wanting to easily obtain land or that Polk was too trusting. Either way, Santa Ana may have been sly with Polk, but ultimately his attempts to conquer for Mexico were short-lived thus was the reason in which ultimately caused him to resign the Mexican presidency years

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