How Did The American Settlers Have A Manifest Destiny

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Was it Destiny to Move West? Manifest Destiny was the belief that the expansion of the US throughout the American Continents was justified and inevitable. Although it was not justified or inevitable. There was violence that did not need to happen. And the expansion of the US did not happen through inevitability it happened through government action. Therefore, it was not destiny to move west but was the American settlers own greed. The American settlers were violent while obtaining land in America in Kansas there were increasing amounts of conflicts several wars caused violence between the settlers and Native Americans and the Native Americans were forced out of their land. In Kansas, it was up to the people to decide if it was pro-slavery or a free state earning Kansas the name of Bleeding Kansas. (SQ4, C)This shows the amount of fighting that happened in Kansas. There were many conflicts from 1750 to 1882. in 1715 to 1717 there was a …show more content…

the Homestead Act forced Indians out of their land, the Indian Removal Act made Indians leave the land they were on, and the territories pushed the Native Americans to move farther west. The Homestead Act allowed settlers to buy land from the government. (SQ1, F) The act let them take land that was not theirs in the first place and use it for themselves. The Trial of Tears was when the settlers ignored the treaties that both the settlers and Native Americans had signed. (SQ3, B) The Trial of Tears was when the Native Americans lost a lot of land due to the settlers. The Missouri Compromise was every state above Missouri were free states, but as the settlers gained more territories the Native Americans were moved farther west. (SQ4, A) The Native Americans were treated poorly and were constantly moved from the land that was originally theirs. It was not fated the settlers came to America it was through government

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