Obstacles To Manifest Destiny

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Manifest Destiny is known as the nations biggest attempt to expand westward and possibly to gain control of the world. The idea imperialism started off the idea of gaining power over the wen led to bloody battles and successful wars for the United states.
The Louisiana Purchase was the first territory the U.S gained in 1803. James Monroe and Livingston were sent by the president to Paris to negotiate the sale. In an agreement with Napoleon, Louisiana was bought for 15 million dollars. Another form of payment to France was giving them specific privileges in the Port of New Orleans. In the attempt to keep on expanding the nations territory, the U.S offered to buy several times the state of Texas from Mexico, but so far there had been no success. …show more content…

The ones that were mainly affected by the westward migration were the native Indians. But the relentless immigration of Americans to the West soon came to face one of its biggest obstacles; Indian tribes who refused to give up their territory. Even though we were able to take many territories from the Indians in Georgia, Tennessee, and Mississippi there were several tribes that resisted. As the Indians saw themselves without protection they turned to the British for backup. This bond between the British and the Indians played a part in causing the War of 1812. Even though the War of 1812 led to the victory of the U.S over the British this greatly weakened the Indian tribes. As a result of this defeat over the English many tribes were forced out of the “New Nation”. In 1835 this became known as the “Trail of Tears”. All Five Civilized Tribes were forced into Indian Territory. The name awarded to the path the Indians had to travel fitted well. “The Trail Where They Cried”. Indians suffered very much due to their removal from land they had lived in long ago. Even though the United States was gaining control over more land it was at the cost and suffering of other

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