How Did Andrew Jackson Caused The Trail Of Tears

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Trail of Tears Have you ever been taken from home?, where you had laughter,sadness good times and then these people that you have heard of,These people who have lighter skin then you come and take you away.That's how the 5 tribes felt the Cherokee, Chickasaw, Choctaw, Creek last but not least the Seminole.In this piece you will learn Who caused it,Why it happen. Imagine walking through 9 states that’s a lot of states to walk across, that was how the 5 tribes had to do.Alabama, Arkansas,Georgia,Illinois,Kentucky,Missouri,North California,Oklahoma and Tennessee those were the 9 states they had to cross.Maybe the states were smaller than what they are now so they did not have to walk over the states in present day size. Andrew Jackson our seventh president started it all he caused the Trail of Tears.He was strongly against black and native Americans. That's not what started the Trail of Tears,Andrew Jackson needed to relocate them far from their home he needed the land that they were on.So Andrew tried to get them to move he would give the native Americans land further west they didn’t want to go they wanted to stay right were the where.Andrew did not like this he left them be for a couple more year.In 1831 Andrew kicked them out the Indians did not want to leave again so Andrew sent an army out to fores them out.A lot of native Americans died and it was a sad time,that’s why they called it the Trail of Tears. …show more content…

At the end of this text hopefully you learned something about the Trail of Tears and hopefully you understand that it was a hard

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