How Did Andrew Jackson Deserve The $ 20

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Andrew Jackson: does he deserve the $20? Have you ever thought about the presidents on our American dollars? Our one’s, two’s, five’s, ten’s, and twenties? What about Andrew Jackson? He is on the twenty-dollar bill. Andrew Jackson was the seventh president of the United States. He was born on March 15, 1767. He was known for being the war hero of 1812. Or was he really? He like many other presidents made many changes to America and its democracy. Andrew Jackson does not deserve to be on the twenty-dollar bill because he pushed Indians and Natives off their land, which caused thousands of Indians and Natives to die in the middle of winter, and thus caused the Trail of Tears. Considering his life as being a hero to some and at the same time being a cruel, evil man to others, he shouldn’t be on the twenty-dollar bill. A reason why Andrew Jackson shouldn’t be on the twenty-dollar bill is because of how he forced thousands of Indians and Natives off their land and territory. In the beginning the Indians tried their best to be like the white man. They even dressed and spoke like the white man to fit in and not be forced off that land. The Supreme Court stated that the Indians got to keep their land. But, instead of listening to the Supreme Court he ignored them and went on with his plan to remove the Indians off their land to …show more content…

After all the work that the Indians did to fit in and be like the white men, what they got in return was never being able to get their land and go on an 800 mile forced journey to present day Oklahoma. This journey was called the Trail of Tears. Andrew Jackson thought that it would be safe for the Natives to leave their land to prevent any conflict. He also stated that, “…send the natives to a land where they may live longer and possibly survive as a

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