Narrative Essay: The Oregon Trail

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To the West!? The Oregon Trail!? It is not going on a nice vacation. Yet Mum and Pop said “the Oregon Trail would be the most brilliant decision for our family.” There goes my nearly good life. Wait a moment, let me back the story up a little ways. It was Tuesday the tenth of March, and I was in my tiny bedroom with my eldest brother Clarence, my smallest brother Henry, my eldest, and only sister Ella Mary, and lastly me, Mabel. My throat was irritating me, and had I been sick this day. My siblings did not want to be around me incase it is a dreadful virus. So I was sleeping on the ground. Carrying on, I needed a cool glass of water. I slowly walked out of my tiny bedroom, and it felt amazing to get a little bit of fresh air. I am just going to say it is very bothersome staying in a tiny room while coughing up hairballs, or what it felt like. I took one turn out of my doorway and I was about to go down the hallway to the kitchen when my parents’ whom were bickering intrigued me. “Why would you want to do this?” Asked Mum. “Come on Nellie, this is what 's best for our family. What do you say, in a month or so we get on that trail and we go to Oregon!” Pop explained. “I 'm not sure,” Mum said. I walked out of that …show more content…

The twenty fifth day of the month, and we had finally reached Idaho! The trail was more angering than most other things in my whole lifespan. My Pop was now changed tremendously. He scolded Ella Mary, Henry, and I to stay in and only in the Walter resident carriage. He also stated that we shall call him “father”. Lastly he told us that the animals which each of us have may not be allowed any food. Rosamire deserves more than not any food. We took a wee stop to eat some meat that father had caught earlier in the day. When it was my turn to devour, I took some extra food and I told Pop “I am so wiped, I just need a extra hearty meal,” he believed me. “So, I was also just pondering if I could eat in our

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