Personal Narrative: My Trip To Colorado

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Visiting to a state that I have always wanted to go is to visit Colorado with my family; therefore, it was fun while going to that place. This happened last years’ summer. There are a few things that we did in that state. So before we went to Colorado, we had to drive from one state to another. Like we first drove from Illinois, our state, to Iowa. We had to stop in Iowa for many reasons. Our family had to stop to using bathrooms, we also stop and to get gas because we drove on the highway, and sometimes we do have to stop and get some food and drinks because we’re always hungry and thirsty; and after we do those stuffs, it’s time to get back onto the highway. Another state that we visited after Iowa is the state of Nebraska. What we did in Nebraska was we actually stopped in the city of Greta and there is an …show more content…

This place was quite interesting because of where I get to know how people are joining the navy and army; and we even watched the video to hear more information about that. After we watched, we looked around and saw a few sites like a church, football stadium, airlines, etc. It reminds of the place where students are taking a private school and learn about military. I know I don’t want to be in the army and navy because if I do, I’ll get a Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PSTD) and I’ll go crazy. Friday was our last day in Colorado. Together we all went to the Hawaiian restaurant in Wolcott, which is close to the house that we borrowed. This place was good; it’s like German restaurant that I used to go in Rosemont. But this one, people who work here have to dress up like European style. Overall I would give this pace a nine out of ten because I really like this restaurant and I love how everyone has to eat outside rather than inside; also I highly recommend for those who want to try Hawaiian food out there just because it’s really

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