Personal Narrative Essay About Moving

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A Moving Experience Moving houses had always been strenuous for me, especially since my family had moved multiple times. This was my family’s third time moving. We were moving from California to Indiana. Even though it was my third time moving, I still found it arduous to move locations and to say goodbye to the friends I made in California. Although the transition of moving was difficult, I decided to focus on the new experiences I would gain from moving. Moving from California to Indiana caused me to change my way of living. To start, I moved from San Jose, California to Whiteland, Indiana in the middle of my third grade year at the beginning of December. I recall thinking that Indiana was dull and bland, both in the weather and environment. Previously, my friends in California told me that all Indiana had to offer was corn. Of course, being a third grader, I believed them. However, I knew Indiana had something that California did not. Indiana had snow. I stayed hopeful because I have always wanted to see snow. Coincidentally, it snowed the day after we moved. I was astonished because I had never seen flurries of snow before. It was stunningly beautiful with the fluffy white …show more content…

The first lesson I learned was not to place stereotypes on anything or anyone. Before coming to Indiana, I honestly thought all it had to offer was corn. Later I learned that Indiana was actually a beautiful place and that the weather was quite pleasant. The most important lesson I learned was that if I did not move, I would not have experienced the weather or new friendships in Indiana. For example, I witnessed snow for the first time and how beautiful it is. Also, I also had the chance to come to a new school and experience a new atmosphere and had the chance to experience was the making of new friendships. If I did not move, I would not have learned any of

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