Personal Narrative: I Grow Up Here

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I Grew Up Here, And There I grew up as a military brat so being in one place for my whole childhood was not an option. I grew up in the company of my family. Mom 's southern cooking and my brothers ' destructiveness was the community I lived in. Out of all the places I have lived my three favorite are Washington, Florida, and Oklahoma. Washington, the rainy state. Being the pluviophile I am, it was perfect weather to me. I love everything about this state, including the gloomy beaches, the docks with flower shops and fish markets, and Mount Rainer. I especially loved the winter because I got to build snowmen and drink hot chocolate to warm up my rosey red cheeks. Living in Washington there was not many sunny days, but I burn easy so I did not mind the lack of sunshine. …show more content…

Florida, the sunshine state, the polar opposite of Washington. I did not care for Florida itself, I cared more for the people in the small town of Jay. I was twelve years old when I moved to Jay and even though I only lived there for a short time, I had the time of my life. I had joined the marching band and made some great friends. The band was a family and I am so thankful I got the opportunity to be a part of that. I loved hanging out with my friends at practice and football games because they never failed to make me smile. They made me feel important, like I had a great purpose in

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