Personal Narrative: Moving To House

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All I remember from when I was little is moving from house to house. I never got to stay in one place for the same amount of time. The house wasn't in a good location or the school wasn't good enough or family was to far. I never really liked moving because it seemed like when I was just getting a friend group or finally getting settled in we had to move again. There was never a reason of why we had to move, I was told that we are moving soon. That was my sign I had to clean and pack up my stuff to move again.
When I first moved I don't really remember it, all I know is that i did not like it the least bit. The house was very different from my small subdivision before. This house was a fixer-upper and on lots of land. The house was on a farm. It had a pond, huge fields and had a barn. I was starting to like it because i was able to go wherever I wanted and explore. When I started school there I made friends very quickly. Overall it was okay. …show more content…

There was a lot of land and so much maintenance goes along with that like cutting the grass and cleaning the pond. It became overwhelming for my parents. We were also far away from all my family members. Everyone was a least a 45 minute drive away. My grandma really wanted us to move and even offered to have my grandpa sell the house, because he had a real estate company. My parents made the decision to move to a more urban area that was closer to my family and had better schools. Now my opinion on the situation, well I guess you could say I was devastated that i had to move. I had so many friends and I loved the

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