Personal Narrative Essay: Moving Away From A Home

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Have you ever moved houses? What about cities? Or states? Moving for many people is normal and doesn 't affect them whether they move to a different neighborhood or to a city far away. Some enjoy experiencing new places and new people, basically starting a new life. Those people probably want to branch out and expand farther from their roots. Some people on the other hand would like to just stay where they grew up with friends and family. Me, I was one of those people. I never imagined my life away from the home and the people I grew up with. Moving away from my hometown was one of my biggest challenges in life. I grew up in Wellston, Ohio and lived in the countryside about fifteen minutes from town. My house was a home to me and it wasn 't the greatest, but it was special to me. My big backyard consisted of many fruit trees and a grape vine, it was where I had bonfires with my family and friends, and it was where I ran free with my brother. I had a pond, “over the hill” as my brother and I would say, where we swam and fished in the summertime and sat on the deck feeding bread to the bluegill as we had conversations about life. Behind our pond was where thousands of trees stood tall and where we roamed every inch of the hidden land. In the woods, we explored deer trails that made their way to the very back to a beautiful creek that ran through the thicket. There were small waterfalls flowing down and a water hole we would jump in for fun. The only downside were the

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