Personal Narrative Essay On Moving To America

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Moving to America brings great opportunity to an individual and their family. When my parents moved to America, success was within their reach. My parents could purse their education and soon find their career. My mother has always explained why she was so relieved when my grandparents first told her that they were moving to America. My mother knew that her and her family will be free, they would not have to live in poverty anymore. My father explained to me that life in Vietnam was not easy, my father stressed that life was rough in Vietnam. Kids had to work hard for their families, leaving them no time for school. Moving to America brought a great feeling to my parents, but when they arrived it surprised them the most. My mother had the image that life in America was perfect. She believed that school was going to be easy and learning English was not going to be a problem. Freedom was the only thing on …show more content…

He began to noticed Ford, Chevy, Lexus and Audi. He was surprised because in Vietnam there really was no selection of car brands. In Vietnam everyone rode bikes, and they were all the same model. In America everything was different from cars to food. “Here there are dozens, hundreds, all jammed in together, cheek by jowl, especially in the dizzying cities.”(Jen 354). The first meal my dad had, when he stepped off that plane was a big mac from McDonalds. He was instantly amazed when he had his first American meal, in Vietnam all he ate was rice. Growing up in Vietnam my father had rice for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Every single meal was the same as yesterday, last week and last month. The thought of just eating something different each day, brought joy to my father’s mind. The diverse in the food in Houston just amazed my father’s eyes. He would wake up one day and eat dim sum at ocean palace, then wake up the next morning and eat pancakes from

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