My Narrative Essay: My Journey To America?

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My Journey to America Moving from Nigeria to the United States permanently feels great, but at the same time it is sad leaving some of your loved ones and family behind. There are many events in life, which can change one’s way of thinking. As for me, one of the major changes in my life occurred when I moved from Africa to America. This change has entirely affected my personality positively. Why? Many foreigners want to come to America mostly in search of greener pastures and to further education. It was about seven-years ago when I stepped my feet on the soil of the United states of America, and I remembered vividly how it all started from a dream. I was born in the western part of Africa, in a country called Nigeria, the motherland with enormous beautiful colors and culture. I am from the hot and humid air of Benin, from dusty dirt roads and sweltering sun. I am from Nigeria, the giant of Africa, where I saw the monstrous faces of war. I am from the land where I cried my first cry, Where I dreamt my first dream, where I smiled my first smile. The beauty of my background, Nigeria is …show more content…

I was speechless with great happiness, and I jumped for joy; at the age of nine I was amazed to know that my dream had come into existence. So yes, God does work in mysterious ways, that no one can explain. The next day came, and I had to travel to the capital state of my country to obtain my passport and documents which I would need to travel. Weeks and days went by and my excitement lessened as I began to realize how much I would miss home, members of my family, most especially my lovely grandma because of the bond we shared. I knew I would miss them deeply, so I began to cherish the days I had left to spend with them before my trip. However, I was still full of happiness because I could not wait to see my parents again after so many

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