Personal Narrative: My Journey To America

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I spend half of my life here and spend the other half there. The plane is going down, I’m here. Here to explore my new life in a new country called the United States, and a new language to master. It has been a long plane ride from China to America, but I’m finally here, here to stay with my parents. The plane had landed. As I stroll through the gate in search of my parents; I notice something white falling from the sky and at the same time, I felt cold. As I could remember, it was a cold winter night when I arrived, and I wasn’t prepared. For over the past eight or nine years I have lived in China, in an area where winter doesn't exist. Not long after I was born I was sent back to China where my grandparents raised me. My grandparents told me that I was sent back to China, is so that my parents can go to work, to raised me and my grandparents. In the time I was in China I had been through preschool and the first year of elementary school, and it was not long after that when my parents said I can come and live with them. Through the eight or nine years, I had only come to America …show more content…

The night was so cold that it sent a shock through my spine. The night when I arrived at the airport in New York, I knew my new life had begun. My parents knew that I might be cold, so they brought an extra jacket for me just so I wouldn’t get sick. As we were walking out of the airport I saw more and more white things falling from the sky. Those white things were everywhere. I asked my mom what these were and my mom said it was snow. I had never seen snow before or even heard about it, and my mom said snow is a very common thing that happens in the winter in America. From that point on I knew I was going to love this new home. Every flake of snow that falls from the sky is different, and I am one of those snowflakes. I came from the sky and landed in this new and exciting country--uniquely prepared for my new life, in

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