John Clark Monologue

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A tiny voice asked, “Is he the one?” “Of course, he has to be the one,” It began. “He can see things a regular human could never comprehend,” It droned. “He can also comprehend the most mind-boggling mysteries to mankind.” “What great power wasted on a little boy, I just hope She will be happy. Now swarm his bed and attract his attention.” “Will he be able to see us?” The Other interrupted. “That’s the plan,” Another continued. “Speak of the devil,” It uttered just as Archie woke up. **************************************************************************************************** I dreamt of all lights enclosing me. I couldn’t hear anything anymore, I was losing sight, and could hardly breathe; it was as if I was being paralyzed. …show more content…

But the floor felt different. It felt… sharper, longer, wet? It was grass, still damp from the rain earlier that day. When did I get outside? More importantly, how? I never went down the stairs. I was sure it was just a dream. I felt my nose began to tingle due to the cold of this november night. This made me think the Lights were the warmth that I needed to have, wanting to follow the trail they made even more. I continued to follow Them deep into the woods. My eyesight worsened as fog rolled in. I didn’t know where I was going but these flames were leading me to something great. I felt as if they were calling my name. I heard a crack and a shifting of branches front of me. “Who’s there?” I blurted out. “It’s me, the Willow Tree” Just as I heard that sound, the fog cleared away. I stood out in the woods in front of an immense tree. With graceful branches that swayed in the wind. This tree stuck out of all the oaks and pines around. It was singular, as if an outcast. All of it leaves were a vibrant gold. All of the luminescent balls began to form rings around the tree. I gazed at the sight with awe. My eyes were lit with amazement as the spheres all shot into the Tree at once. I then approached with caution, and unprepared for the unknown. I felt the 3 leaves of the branch; they were as smooth as silk. I went underneath the branches and was immediately enclosed. “Why have you brought me here?” I asked the …show more content…

“You’re a Wonderer. You see things others can’t, your body and soul is open to a world of spirits, that’s why you’re the one I need.” I stood there flabbergasted. What was she talking about? What was a Wonderer? Before I could even start to ask, the tree branches began to creep up on me. I felt the grip of the vines strengthen as they bound my ankles. All the confusion was overwhelming, all of it went straight to my head, my only thought was to break free. I tried running, but the branches that had belted me restricted me from fleeing. I knew this spirit in the tree wanted to use me, the thought that she might even go to the extreme to kill me scared me more. “Let me go,” I screamed thrashing my body. The vines were like quicksand, the more you squirmed, the more your situation worsened. “If I let you go, I won’t have a body to take over, to walk the face of the earth again. And not just anybody, as I told you before I need a Wonderer, a human that doesn’t come around for hundreds of years.” The Tree told me with the same haunting voice. “Walk the earth again, you were a human?” I asked

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