South Carolina Monologue

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I remember it being cold. Numbing. Something wet seeping into the backside of my red South Carolina sweatshirt. The faint scent of smoke filling my nostrils, bring a burning sensation to my eyes. I laid under a full crescent moon, my eyes refusing to stay open, my sight dimming. The once starry night now resembled a cluster of tiny white smudges engulfed by a grim lifeless mass. Just as my eyes were fully shut, I heard a distant yell, followed by a woman 's piercing shriek. My last thought, “What is happening to me.” “We need to evacuate the building.” “Wake the girl, we have to move, NOW.” “Grab the vaccines” _____________________________________________________________________ “Alani…” A small voice called my name. What was that sound? I heard …show more content…

All I heard was the sound of water lapping underneath. It was dead quiet. “Alani.” I turned towards her, but I couldn’t stand, they had me strapped down to a metal chair, with cuffs on the arms. “Where does your memory stop.” Her voice hard, and rough. “Where am I, who are you?” I whispered, my voice suddenly whittle. Her face tense, practically a statue. “My name is Mara. You my dear are headed to a better place.” A better place? Where is my family? Why am I strapped down? “Where are we going?” My voice hoarse now. I tried to wiggle my arms, their circulation cutting off. She straightened her back, “Right before we found you, you had been bitten by a Wendigo. A creature beyond our comprehension, believed by the Algonquian people as a large beast, once a person, that feasts on human flesh. You are very lucky. Normally a Wendigo wouldn’t leave any trace of its prey behind.” Immediately I remember back to the wet puddle I was laying on. My own blood and I didn’t even know it. “So wait, you mean to tell me, I was attacked by a person that turned into this thing with intentions of eating me?” A sick nausea feeling filled my insides, I could feel the buildup rising. My organs churning, almost

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