Summary Of Chapter 6: Me, Emma And The Wicked Witch?

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CHAPTER SIX Me, Cotton, Emma and the Wicked Witch "Aiden Stop!" Cotton shouted and I watched his brows twist into a nervous knot. "What's wrong? I asked. "Do you hear that?" "No," I replied, standing quite still and listening. "Hear what?" "Those uh, uh ... screams and cries for help. It sounds like it's coming from the north." "What should we do?" I said and struggled to still my fears by fixating on the nothingness. "We need to go and help, of course," he replied firmly. "Well sure I knew that, but are you sure?" "Yes I'm positive," he nodded, "those screams they sound almost ... human." "Human?" I echoed and could feel the corners of my mouth twitching a bit. "Yes I'm certain they're human all right." "Okay let's get going …show more content…

It was covered with thick scales, had hair that resembled serpents, a long white beard, sharp fangs and its hands were made out of some kind of steel. "She keeps them away. They're afraid because they know that if they laid their eyes upon her they'll turn to stone." "Very scary," I said. "Exactly that's what I want. At one time I did my best to protect the Enchanted Forest," he said and his voice trembled with fury. "Now I've been relegated to this little plot of land and I'll die before I let them take it from me." "You mustn't get too worked up Seth," Cotton cautioned then began rubbing his tummy and licking the drooled off his lips. "And by the way you really did out do yourself. That sour porridge was the best that I've ever had." "Thank you Cotton. I sure your all exhausted?" "No we're fine, really," Emma said while she stifled a yawn. "I'll hear none of that. Please follow me," he replied and led us down a long hallway past a small kitchen that seemed to be crowded with all sorts of strange gizmos and gadgets. Then he staggered for a moment and turned sharply right into a bright yellow bedroom that was lined from floor to ceiling with pictures. And against the walls were dozens of

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