S. E. Schlosser's The White Dog

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This tale follows a tragic event that happened in the small town of Warrenton, back when people rode in wagons and didn't have phones or electricity. This tale is called The White Dog, by S.E. Schlosser. It all starts with a traveling salesman and his dog, coming to sell his goods in the town. The salesman’s name was Samuel, but he insisted on everyone calling him Sam. Everyone said he was the nicest man you would ever meet, always a smile on his face, a joke on his tongue. His traveling companion, a lofty white dog, guarded his goods and offered a loyal friendship. Sam and his dog had started to make their way out of town when a murder was discovered in one of the places Sam had sold his goods. The town’s suspicion bloomed and they were …show more content…

As he neared the tree, a terrible stench of rotting flesh swept under his nose. He staggered back as his stomach rolled, and wondered what was causing such a smell. Then he saw it, a glowing corpse hanging from one of the tree’s branches. And beneath the corpse, stood a huge white dog staring at him with glowing red eyes. The dog growled darkly, and the man started to run. With ear-splitting barks, the dog gave chase with supernatural speed. The man whipped this way, and that, trying to escape the dog snapping at his heels. The man ran headlong into a tree, and flung himself upward. The dog jumped up and bit the man’s hand with sharp teeth. He screamed and tried to shake the dog off. “LET GO!!”, kicking the dog. Suddenly the dog turned to swirling mist and disappeared. Realizing the dog may come back, the man ran home. His wife sent her son to fetch the doctor, who stitched up the man’s hand as best as he could. The poor man was left with a crippled, and useless hand. Soon, every person that had participated in the hanging of the innocent salesman was attacked by the white dog, and most people were crippled in some way. As for the man who had shot the dog-well his 4 year old son was never seen

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