John Hossack Murder

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A. The murder victim Mr. Hossack was a man of great wealth and respect. Mr. Hossack was a very prominent farmer in his home town just outside of Medford. John was a man who had many friends at little enemies. There wasn’t anybody who didn’t like john or that didn’t get along with him. He became a wealthy man through his hard work on his family farm. His relationship with his wife was known to be rocky at times, but not to be anything serious. He, his wife, and God had a secret that they were forced to marry. Mr. Hossack was murdered by and axe while he was sleeping. He was hit on the head with both the blunt side and the blade side of the axe. The Force from the blunt side of the axe caused an indentation in is head the blade side of the axe created a gash on the right side of his head. After the attack it is unknown if john was still conscious and able …show more content…

The murder of John Hossack took place on a small rural town just outside of Medford on the family farm. More so, the murder took place in the family’s farm house in the bedroom. Seeing that John was asleep when the murder took place there was no sign of a struggle. Even though some witnesses said it was believed to be a robbery gone wrong nothing in the house was disturbed. At the actual seen where John Hossack lay dead in his bed it was a bit of a different story. It was the scene of brutal murder that used blunt for to kill the victim. Do to this brutality there was blood everywhere in the room, Splattered all over the bed, on the walls, and even on his wife. If the window was open there could even have been so much forced used that blood even landed outside. Outside off the bed room there was a spot trail of blood running from the bed room through the kitchen and onto the porch. Right after the murder happened Mrs. Hossack stated that she had seen a flash of light coming through the glass on the front door and to loud bangs that woke her up. All this happened while there children were upstairs

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