Who Is Sam Sing In 'The Gold Mountain Coat'

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In the story “The Gold Mountain Coat,” By Jody Fong-Bates, Sam Sing is a stingy, demanding and controlling man, whose actions posed the question, was Sam Sing capable of compassion? Each evening, after his restaurant had closed, Sam, a tall and bleak Chinese elderly man with many wrinkles wearing gold rimmed glasses that matched his gold teeth, would be found sitting alone in a booth in the back, carefully calculating his daily profits of his prosperous business. If the day’s profits were successful Sam would feel generous and he would cheerfully invite his sons to share a glass of whisky, but, if the profits were meagre, Sam would sullenly drink alone while his sons diligently finished their duties. Sam Sing who wore his thick black hair to the side was not exactly a sociable or considerate man. He had the ability to make others feel insignificant and often left people feeling uncomfortable. He rarely spoke, rarely smiled and would regularly be seen glaring at his customers from behind his glasses. Sam was frugal and controlling in all …show more content…

With the upcoming arrival Sam astonishingly surrendered and permitted them to close the business for half of the day so the boys could meet their family at the airport. This was an astronomical gesture as it was the first time in five years that the restaurant would be closed. Due to Sam’s extreme stinginess his sons were forced to share an ugly and tattered black wool winter coat. This posed a substantial problem with their upcoming trip to the airport as it was an extremely cold winter. Knowing they needed Sam’s approval for such a considerable purchase they pondered how they could ever convince their prudent father to splurge for this much needed item. With a friend, the boys concocted a plan. Deciding timing was crucial they agreed it was best that they approach Sam Sing with their proposition when he was feeling

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