Compare And Contrast Willow And Ginkgo

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Is it better to be beautiful or strong? I personally agree that being strong is better. Beautiful can go many ways for example, the way you look or the way you are as a person, but many times being beautiful won't help. Being strong means always being there for yourself and believing in yourself. In the poem, "Willow and Ginkgo", the author uses personification to identify how the willow and Ginkgo tree are in a deeper meaning. " the willow dips into the water, protected and precious, like the king's favorite daughter. The ginkgo forces its way through gray concrete; like a city child, it grows up in the street, thrust against the metal sky, somehow it survives and even thrives." This piece from the poem shows how the author feels about the trees in an emotionally and physical way. The painting " Girl …show more content…

However, some people may disagree that being strong is better. Beautiful is when you feel that you love yourself and sometimes you might really just be happy with yourself but sometimes or majority you're going to be comparing yourself to other people asking yourself why you don't look like them or what more you can do to make yourself feel more beautiful. In the painting. " Girl at the mirror" by Norman Rockwell is a girl in the mirror comparing herself to the picture of the woman on her lap. The girl feels as if she is not" pretty " or " beautiful" enough so she is comparing her facial features and physical appearance with the lady in the magazine. In my personal experience I've seen multiple girls and boys compare themselves with other people, especially on

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