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  • Western Genres Of Western Analysis

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    The Western genre is defined by group of collective similiarities that are found in many westerns as we will see when we look at the Film Once Upon A Time in the West by Sergio Leone. It itself is a subgenre of the Western Genre called Spaghetti Westerns that was made by Italian cinema which while similar in many ways to traditional Westerns differed in a few significant ways. While Lambasted by critics in its day for daring to move outside its genre Once upon A Time in the West today is considered

  • Science Fiction: A Literary Genre

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    Science Fiction is a broad literary genre. Many have tried to contain it’s definition into a much simpler terms. Science fiction has influenced several media across the world and continue its way to influence more. Science fiction, unlike any other genre, is not only changing the literary world but also changing the world we live in. Science fiction is the proof that there’s nothing impossible that science can’t achieve. The rampant advancement of the technologies indicates that there are no boundaries

  • Film Genre Analysis

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    2.2. Comedy and documentary film genre ‘A film genre is a motion picture category based on similarities in either the narrative elements or the emotional response to the film. Most theories of film genre are borrowed from literary genre criticism.’(Online 1) There are many types of film genres. Some of them are action, adventure, comedy, crime, drama, horror, historical, musicals, science fiction, war, westerns. Steve Neale claims that 'genres are instances of repetition and difference ' (Neale

  • Hip Hop Genres

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    of change for music. This wasn’t just for genres such as classical, minimalism etc. but for popular music such as; pop, rock, hip-hop etc. For this essay, I have decided to study the three genres of music; Musicals, Hip-Hop and Aleatoric Music. I have chosen to research Hip-Hop because I like the genre as a whole and I like listening to some of the songs in the genre. So, I think because of this, it would be interesting to find out more about this genre and say some of my opinions on it. I have chosen

  • Fantasy Genre

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    Fantasy genre is a broad genre that occupies many kinds of stories. It has many sub-genres and each has its own features. Ryder (2015) proposes seven sub-genres of fantasy which are commonly found in novels: comic fantasy, contemporary fantasy, dark fantasy, epic or high fantasy, fantasy of manners, historical fantasy, and sword and sorcery. Comic fantasy combines both fantastic elements and comedy. Its main purpose is to entertain the reader. Although it is written in a humorous tone, the issue

  • Horror Movie Genre

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    The Horror Genre: Unmasking Fears Across Generations Horror films push social boundaries and exploit Americans worst fears in a way that excites, challenges, and makes viewers obsessed with terrifying themselves. The horror genre is a vehicle that allows people to cope with their worst fears, such as death outside of their everyday reality. Horror films provide us with unimaginable or impossible situations making our own fears seem less terrifying. Horror films caricature the current social problems

  • Kamera Genre Analysis

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    With the gluttony of genre films out there, the zombie genre has reached a point of oversaturation that some might find off-putting the amount of content flooding the market. From comic books to TV shows and endless films released every year, there 's a point where this subgenre can be said to be overwhelming such that when something new and original comes out it 's like a breath of fresh air and that applies to Shin 'ichirô Ueda 's newest zombie comedy Kamera o tomeru na!, or released internationally

  • Fairy Tales Genre

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    Introduction There are many types of genres (categories) that a story may fall into. In my essay below I am going to identify and discuss 5 of them, namely: - Myths, Fairy Tales, Folk Tales, Aesop Fables and Legends. The myth genre includes seemingly historical stories, often supernatural in nature, and concerning the early history of a group of people. They are often used to explain the roots of a long standing cultural practice or of a natural or social occurrence. They frequently involve supernatural

  • Shaun Of The Dead Genre Analysis

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    The western genre has been well established as one of the “six paradigms” [1] of genre, while the zombie genre of film is less established, and can fall under any of the six genre types outlined by. True Grit, directed by Joel and Ethan Coen, is a western that follows the journey of three people, with different motivations, searching for a well known murderer in the American Old West. One film that takes the form of a comedy, in the zombie subgenre, is Shaun of the Dead, directed by Edgar Wright

  • The Goodfellas: Film Analysis

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    as the failures involved. The conventions and attributes make the genre more distinctive towards organized crime and what one will do to obtain it. This film is gruesome and intriguing to the audience for the realism but also fantasy of committing crime without the punishments included. Thesis: The gangster crime era is very distinctive to films and to portrayal of what organized crime has done throughout history. The genre of gangster crime

  • The Dust Bowl: A Literary Analysis

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    Book genres are helpful ways of categorizing diverse author styles and methods of writing. Specific subjects like the Dust Bowl can be written is many ways, but they all have the same ability to reach the reader’s imagination and provide them with knowledge. While non-fiction books use straight forward facts and details while fiction describes the feelings and hardship, both can cause an emotional response from the reader. By braking down stories such as The Storm in the Barn, The Year of Dust, Out

  • Popular EDM Subgenres

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    The next genre that is popular is Electro house. Electro house is what almost all club house music is based around. It is upbeat, happy, and incredibly

  • Sense Of Wonder In Science Fiction

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    allows the works of science fiction to grow as a genre and expand in what it encompasses as a category. The feeling of wonder that is created within the reader/viewer allows the reader to have some form of control/power over the writers of science fiction themselves. Science fiction is built on the feeling of wonder – wonder drives and generates science fiction as a genre and so science fiction requires a sense of wonder to work and move forward as a genre. In order to understand the importance of ‘a

  • Essay On Literary Genres

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    Literary Genres, the definition is in the name. A type of writing that runs on nothing but one’s imaginations and in some cases worst fears. It is created to give the readers a type of escape from the real world, and keeps them up through through the night flipping pages until they are finally finished the novel. Within literary genres comes a couple fan favourites, the Horror Genre, and the Romance Genre. The two tend to alternate reality in a way that creates a fantasy, or nightmare for us living

  • Cyberpunk In The Movie Johnny Mnemonic

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    THE RISE AND FALL OF FILM GENRES (CYBERPUNK) By Chan Kok Seng What is Cyberpunk? For Starters, Cyberpunk is one of many subgenre of science fiction. According to Scalzi (2005), it is a mash of the Hard Science Fiction, Dystopian and New Wave sub-genres, in which that technology plays a prominent role but with much of the action takes place in a near future settings. The settings include virtual space of near-future computer network as well as societies that are transformed by rapid technological

  • The Mildred Pierce: Film Genre

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    Mildred Pierce” meets many on the list of criteria to be deemed Film Noir genre. For instance, the schematics of the film are the basic black and white, which suits the time period of 1934. There was a strong usage of shadow photography that was used prominent throughout the film. Crime and suspense are the subgenre, which is another defining characteristic. Flashbacks were used sporadically to give reference to transpiring events of the murder. The third person narration, contributed to an unbiased

  • Nostalgia And Nostalgic Themes

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    A variety a specific film genres also rely on the use of nostalgia and nostalgic themes within the film making process. Within the Science Fiction genre of films, it can be said that the use of nostalgia and familiarity creates the foundation for the popular time travelling sub-genre within films that are Sci-Fi in nature. Sweeny (2015) describes this sub-genre as an ‘exercise in reactionary nostalgia, a longing for an imagined ‘simpler’ time’. Describing time travelling sci-fi movies as provoking

  • John Woo Movie Analysis

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    Genre Analysis of John Woo & Ramesh Sippy’s Movies Genre is like a language that used by directors and it encodes some important messages about movies. If you understand the genre, you can decode the movies and you can have more information about subtle realities are related with the films. In this article, I will explain the genre differences between John Woo and Ramesh Sippy movies. John Woo is a Chinese director and he grew up in Hong Kong. He also directed important

  • The Use Of Metaphors In 'Twin Peaks'

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    In this essay I will try to analyse the use of metaphors and film genre as means to deal with profound life matters in the cult TV series Twin Peaks. Initially, I will refer to the use of surrealism, a technique that is used extensively by one of the two creators of the series, David Lynch. The notion of surrealism will be used in comparison to the melodrama and soap operas genre elements in order to explain how it was manifested in the series. The second part of the essay will entail the analysis

  • Analysis Of The Goldbergs And The Twilight Zone

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    as gender roles, insanity, and ethnic stereotypes, genre differentiates their approach and their audiences’ receptiveness to change. Whereas The Goldbergs, an ethnic sitcom, addresses the external world using comedic relief, The Twilight Zone, a science fiction program, delves into the human mind using imagination. Despite their common efforts to direct social change, the programs are inverse images of one another, and The Twilight Zone’s genre structure allows it to resonate more with the audience