Science Fiction: A Literary Genre

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Science Fiction is a broad literary genre. Many have tried to contain it’s definition into a much simpler terms. Science fiction has influenced several media across the world and continue its way to influence more. Science fiction, unlike any other genre, is not only changing the literary world but also changing the world we live in. Science fiction is the proof that there’s nothing impossible that science can’t achieve. The rampant advancement of the technologies indicates that there are no boundaries to science and technology. Science fiction have crossed the barriers and continues to go beyond. The ideas of writers that can only be read in books are now being turned into something more tangible. Truly indeed, Science fiction is the literature…show more content…
The subgenres were indicators of the different kinds of science fiction, which helped in identifying and dfferentiating it from the other literary genre. Mentioned above are 10 of the most popular science fiction subgenres of all time namely; (1) Hard SF, (2) Soft SF, (3) Cyberpunk, (4) Alternate History, (5) Military SF, (6) Superhuman, (7) Apocalyptic and Post-Apocalyptic Fiction, (8) Alien Invasions, (9) Space operas, (10) Terraforming. Many novels and movies were made under these subgenres (Stableford, 2006). Each has produced a milestone that changed the course of literature and films.

The objective of this research paper is to determine the student’s preference when it comes to Science Fiction: SF in books or SF in movies or TV shows? It is evident that Science fiction has become a popular genre, tons of novels, films and TV shows under this genre are produced every year because of the vast improvement of technologies in film, especially in effects. More and more Science fiction novels are being turned into films because of this. The advancement of the film effects made Sci-Fi films more realistic and educational. The
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It is us who creates and decide the future. Science fictions opens up our minds to millions of possibility but it doesn’t necessarily mean that all ideas and inventions that exist in the story can be invented or created in real life. There’s no guarantee that every object that will be created in the future are for the betterment of the humaity, therefore we should always bear in mind its intial purpose. Is it necessary? It is appropriate? Will it cause a catastrophe and
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