Homelessness Case Summary

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n the decisions that individuals choose to make come from ethical norms in their society as well their own personal values which could be used in order to come to a conclusion in the acts the commit. The case is about the choice that a marketing agency decided to make regarding the volunteering of homeless people and whether it is or is not a moral decision made by the agency. In my opinion I believe it was a moral decision made by the agency because of efficiency of the agency, the motivation it could give the homeless which could incorporate into the rehabilitation of homeless persons back into society. Case summary In the southern part of the US, there is a convention taking place which has attracted thousands of smart phone owners. The …show more content…

The individuals who choose to volunteer would be paid 20 dollars a day and would have to circulate throughout the conference with a 4G wireless WI-FI devise, business cards and a t-shirt with their name on it. In order for the conference goers to get access to the wireless network they would have to make a donation to that person with access to the network. The volunteers got to keep the donations. Because of this decision made by the marketing agency a dilemma has arisen and people have started to speak against this decision stating it was a degrading towards the homeless and others believe it offered the conference goers an education of the homeless and the opportunity presented for them to make a little bit of money. Identify Possible Actions The first action that could be taken is instead of looking for volunteers to do this act but, creating objects that held the 4G wireless devices securely throughout the convention. The outcome of this action would be to eliminate the assumption and belief that the marketing agency does not intend to degrade the homeless. The second possible action could be that instead of the marketing agency offering the homeless only 20

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