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Imagine waking up every morning with the Taliban in rule, imagine waking up not knowing if you or your loved ones would die today, with bombs going off and gunfire ringing in your ears. This is what it's like every day in the book Under the Persimmon Tree, by Susan Fisher Staples. This book takes place in Afghanistan and Pakistan after 9/11 the main character is named Najmah and she is in a family of five living on a farm in Golestan, Afghanistan. Her father and older brother got taken by the Taliban and the mother and younger brother got killed in the bombing. at the end all that is left is Nur and Najmah. In the book Under the Permission Tree the Taliban are brutal people. In real life the Taliban are even worse. Staples shows how …show more content…

In the book the Taliban leader goes to Najmah’s house and says "So your son wants to fight? He says with a grin… He is just a boy. We want wheat and chickens and sugar the leader says. I can give you some” (15) Baba-Jan answers. This clearly shows the Taliban are cruel. They want food from the family and is going to steal it. They will do anything to get it even if it means killing them. When Nur broke free from the Taliban he clearly seemed shaken up “they separated us not long after they took us from Golestan. They told the boys to stay behind the hill with the guard. They took baba Jan and the other men from the village in their truck... They didn't go far. Not long after we heard gunshots”(254). After the Taliban took the men from the village they took them to the camp and kept the kids. They tied up Baba-Jan and took him on a hill and killed him and the boys knew it. When Nusrat was taking Amina to the hospital she ran into a problem “ Bombs are unusual in the bazaar but she is afraid that gunfire will soon follow” (80). In the book the Taliban are clearly brutal people. Staples shows that the Taliban are brutal but in real life they are even worse. The

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