El Dormitorio Case Summary

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Introduction This case takes place in an upstairs meeting room inside of the Lutheran Church located in the downtown area of Pacific City. El Dormitorio is a nonprofit organization stationed in the Lutheran Church and has been in operation for six years. The organization’s mission is to empower homeless Latinos. Although the organization has twelve board members, only eight participated in the scheduled meeting. In this case, the protagonist is Peter Marks, who is an attorney and the organization’s longest continuously serving board member. He recently stepped down as board president but has agreed to chair the meeting in Ted Guillen absence. Ted Guillen is a high-tech entrepreneur currently serving as the organization’s new president that would not make the meeting due to a “conflict of interest” issue on the meeting’s agenda. Nancy Burns is the co-founder and executive director of El Dormitorio. Lastly, the antagonist, Carrie is a former staff member of the organization who was a volunteer coordinator and is currently Ted’s live-in girlfriend. She …show more content…

With Ted and Carrie being involved with one another romantically, this may make Carrie feel she has the power to walk in the board meeting unexpected. She may feel she has more control over agency decisions because she is the girlfriend of Ted who is the president of the organization. Enforcing a zero-tolerance policy will help to ensure that dilemmas like this do not reoccur. Ted did not show up to the meeting because he is romantically involved with Carrie. If a Zero-tolerance policy would have been in place before this situation occurred, then Ted would not have an excuse as to why he was not present at the meeting. the disadvantage of this strategy is that termination rates within the agency may increase. This is because romance in the workplace is something that occurs often in professional

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