Lourdes Case Study Answers

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although Lourdes reached a rough period in her life while prostituting she still remained focused about providing for a better life for children as well as herself. She used her strengths to overcome these challenges and did not let her environment change the mindset of why she came to America. Under these circumstances life can be hard and Lourdes seems like she needs help from a social worker or local agency she can trust that would not continue to take her money. Lourdes should research these agencies first before deciding to use them because of her past experiences with fraudulent agencies. After finding a legit agency to help her move towards removing herself out of poverty, a great recommendation for her would be finding a women’s shelter or nonprofit women’s based agency that will help individuals locate resources like enrolling in school, finding work based on her skill set, and daycare services for her youngest child during the day. If they can help find one job that will be able to help her sustain healthy living without working multiple jobs would be a great start for Lourdes. She is often overworked and barely sees her child Dianne. Being able to work one job will be a benefit to both her and her child.…show more content…
Carmen and her son was a real life testimony of the dangerous journey and oppression one may face in their country and living in America. Nazario depicted the story of many by raising awareness of oppression but also depicting strength to overcome adversity. Presently the issue of undocumented immigrants is at the forefront of this year’s elections. Lourdes story is a courageous one and gives one an up close and personal experience of oppression and poverty. Our job as social workers are to advocate for people like her and bring awareness to
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