Barbra Larosa's Case Study Of Almeada And Baby Anne

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As I read the case study of Almeada and baby Anne, I was inspired by her case manager Barbra LaRosa, she provided social care and became the “bridge” between Almeade and the systems. One function of bridging is to narrow the gap between the services being offered and the needs of the individuals who are receiving those services. (Woodside, M. R. (2015). An Introduction to the Human Services, 8th Edition) Ms. LaRosa applied social care to Almeada while she was pregnant with baby Anne, she recognized Almeada's problems in living and since she worked at the school, and Almeada had not returned from summer break, she reached out to her to see what was going on and learn more about her life. Almeada received social care through her pregnancy, …show more content…

LaRosa did was to build a trusting rapport with Almeada, taking time to learn about her culture and environment making her feel like her life mattered. Almeada moved to a new neighborhood after baby Anne was born, started working long hours to support her and baby Anne but struggled with no social or human services support and is depressed and feels hopeless about her current situation, having to leave baby Anne with a 10-year-old 6 day a week, she knows this is not acceptable. She reaches out to Ms. LaRosa, Ms. LaRosa knows social care, social control and rehabilitative services are needed, since Almeada is only 17, and has no family support, she needs help with child care, parenting skills, along with being able to work on her vocational skills. Using her networking and teaming skills she finds Almeada and baby Anne a case manager in her new neighborhood, she found Hernando Alvarez, a case manager in the child services division of the state department of human service, Almeada would now have the support team she need to help her, and baby …show more content…

Through La Rosa Almeada was learning to manage her own life, how to problem solve on her own. Someone to look after her which she did not get from her parents, a role model, and she knew La Rosa was there in case of a crisis, Also case management allowed La Rosa to monitor Almeada's progress. With La Rosa as a case manager Almeada had an advocate for services for her and baby Anne. It is scary to think about the challenges Almeada would have faced without the support of human services. Without the prenatal care baby Anne, and Almeada could have been at risk for something to go wrong with the pregnancy, she would have no support to help her finish her education, no parental training, no way to get the correct child care. Baby Anne would have probably been removed from her care, because of the 10year old sitter, and her being left alone at times, and that would cause her a whole new set of

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