Moralism In The Lesson

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Mother of Education
Some children are not as fortunate to be given wonderful lives like their peers. Furthermore, the mother and father of every little boy and little girl do not always set the best examples. In “The Lesson”, Miss Moore seeks to educate the children of the neighborhood. She takes them to a store in town, trying to help them better understand the issues with income inequality. Confidence, intelligence, and passion-- these are all qualities that Miss Moore, a motherly figure, exhibits while impacting the children 's education.
Miss Moore shows a high level of confidence towards the children. While they may talk behind her back and make many rude gestures, she still stands up for herself and give the children a the guidance she feels they deserve. The story portrays a town that is full of unfortunate children. The children may not have been shown proper way to do things or the correct social skills in life. Miss Moore makes them work hard and shows them how a respectable adult should behave. Even the community sees her as a studious lady according to saying, “Miss Moore, who always looked like she was going to church” (Bambara 96). She also used her confidence to give them a set of rules that they may not have been taught. Miss Moore does not let the negative thoughts of the children affect her confidence, shown in the story when it says,
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I mean real money she says, like its only poker chips or monopoly money wer lay on the grocers. So right away i 'm tired of this and say so. And Miss Moore files that remark away for next week 's lesson on brotherhood. (Bambara

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