Social Work Interview Paper

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First of all, I had the opportunity to interview Kim Bartells who’s a Licensed Social Worker (LSW) in Michealsen Health Center and learn more about her role as a social work. Before I started interviewing Kim, I asked her if it was alright with her if I recorded the conversation and she said it was fine with it. I started the interview with asking what type of population Michealsen Health Center serves and she told me it was mostly elderly people. Kim works in a “Microlevel intervention involves working with individuals--- separately, in families, or in small groups---to facilitate change in individual behavior or in relationship” (DuBois and Miley 69). This types of individuals she is working with are elderly residents “who utilize long-term care experience a combination of physical or cognitive limitation that require some level of assistance in activities of daily living” (DuBois and Miley 314-315) and their families as well. …show more content…

One of the advice she constantly was recommending me was to get my master degree because she though it would help me get more opportunities in the field of social work. A similar connection I thought about while hearing her speak was that as well as me she wanted to be in a field where she could help people, but she though nursing was not for her, so she decide to go into social work. At the end of the interview I thought that I did learn more about social workers who work in a nursing

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