Ap Psychology Case Interview Paper

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1. What was the issue brought in by the client? What other issues came up as the therapist and client talked?
The client initially went to talk about being stressed at school. He felt that his workload was too much, and he was not making any progress/put a dent in it. The issues that later came up were: family secrets, his accomplishments and his indifference towards them, his relationship with his mom, his past (drinking, high school, fitting in, and his criminal record), and his need to keep up with his friends—materialistically and job wise.

2. What kinds of skills were used from the Insight Stage? Name two and briefly describe the situations (include the time stamp from the video when the skill was used).
The therapist used insight’s immediacy and challenges in this session.
Around 41:23 the therapist challenged …show more content…

The therapist used interpretations frequently. Describe one interpretation you thought was the most interesting and explain why.
Around 52:03, the therapist stated “but I think, it's left you're feeling a little shaky about your worth.” The therapist related the client’s feeling of being marketable, yet “not hirable” because of his alcohol past and his current low self-esteem. The client could not understand; yet he was feeling uncertain and this interpretation pinpoint the reason why by connecting his past to his future.
4. What do you think was effective about the therapist’s approach in this session?
The session was more open and free formed. The therapist allowed the client to speak openly and when one of her interpretations did not work, she did not always force it on the client. Although the client’s was only there to talk about school and effortlessly got him to talk about his past and she helped him to connect it to his current situation. This session was definitely about insight and her main goal was to help the client gain insight on his life.

5. What might have you done differently? Give one specific example from the

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