Graded Unit Reflection Essay

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The evaluation is the final part of my three mandatory written pieces of my graded unit. The final evaluation stage of the graded unit requires me to reflect on how the activity went, whilst highlighting my strengths, areas that require future development and identify my weaknesses, this, in turn, will enable me to adapt my practice to ensure I am continuously supporting patients to the standards set within The Nursing Midwifery Council (NMC). Looking back on the activity, I am proud of myself for being able to plan and follow the activity through to complication. When completing the book with Mr X I found it to be an enjoyable activity that not only offered benefits to Mr X but also to myself, it allowed me to understand the importance of building a therapeutic relationship with a patient. Building a successful therapeutic relationship required me to have good communication and interpersonal skills, (Radcliffe and Ford, 2015), that allowed me to build a relationship with Mr X based on mutual trust and respect. Trust being the most important of these elements, but trust like respect cannot be demanded; it had to be earned. (Pullen and Mathias, 2010). Throughout this activity, I have been able to put …show more content…

I have a greater understanding of the importance of planning any activity, breaking down all that is required, in terms of materials and my aims. The planning stage of my graded unit was vital for me as it ensured I was fully prepared and ready to undertake the final activity. Whilst undertaken this activity, I have shown a good understanding of the NMC Codes of Conduct which I feel I have adhered to throughout the entire activity. The skills and knowledge I have gained during my HNC studied whilst in class and within placement has allowed me to successfully complete this graded

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