Positive And Negative Communication In Nursing

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Neuroscience tells that each human being have a different and unique way of communicating, speaking, and interacting, and that humans have different experiences of conflicts that allows one human to connect with the other (Teitelbum, 2016). Having the power to communicate with one another is a privilege, but being able to connect and speak from the heart is a gift. Nursing is a profession that allows a person to give comfort and care through an effective communication which bridges in healing a person’s body. Being unable to positively communicate with the patient causes an enormous struggle in building a relationship between the patient and the nurse. This paper will point out the positive and negative communication a nurse used to interact with her patient and will offer alternatives to improve the nurse-patient relationship. …show more content…

The Joint Commission in 2011 also described a clear and safe communication as timely, accurate, and usable (Arnold, et al., p.23). This positive quality of communication is evident in the interaction of Shona and the nurse, as the nurse asked Shona “Can you explain that further?” in regards to the situation that Shona is feeling — from this, the nurse is trying to understand Shona’s condition as she assesses the situation. In a nursing process, communication standards and skills are an integral component of knowledge (Arnold, et al., p.29) that allows nurses to understand a patient’s condition, thus, provide compassion and respect for their patients. This is evident in the nurse’s intervention to Shona’s struggles as she encouraged Shona to not to think about her conflicts and focus on happy things like her children— which shows empathy and

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