Acute Nursing Case Studies

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Case study of Mrs. A thought her admission to a acute ward, demonstrated the skills that are needed to care for her. 21312829 This assignment is a case study looking at a patient who has been admitted to an acute hospital following a fall. It will look at why the patient has been admitted and what skills are needed to deliver appropriate care. To protect the identity of my patient I will be referring to her as "Mrs. A" Mrs. A was admitted to an acute hospital following a fall, she had been walking to the shops near her home when she fell and sustained a suspected broke hip. An X-ray confirmed she had a valgus Impacted right neck of femur fracture. This type of fracture is where the head of the femur is broke and Mrs. A would need surgery …show more content…

A was mobilised by the physiotherapists the day after her operation with a zimmer frame and assistance of two. As Mrs. A was previously independent with no aids to help her walk she would need intensive physiotherapy to get her back to her baseline. Mrs. A was discharged to a community hospital on a rehabilitation ward five days are being admitted, (Ojomo,2004) defines communication as the process of sharing ideas, feeling thoughts and messages with others. Good communication skills is a key Part of nursing, it helps to keep the patient safe and to deliver appropriate care to the patient. Without good communication skills could mean to cause harm to the patient unintentionally. Every patient is handed-over to the next set of clinical staff at the start of every shift. This is to ensure the patient get conternuaty* of care and is always getting the best care possible. It also means everyone understands the plan and end goals for the patient as well as there …show more content…

A would need to be admitted to a acute ward to be monitor before and after the operation. Before Mrs. A was admitted to the ward accident and emergency phoned the ward to give handover of Mrs. A. Handover from ward to ward is helpful as it means you get a basic picture of the patient and what care they will need. It also gives the ward enough time to help get things into place. Mrs. A was a 83 year old lady who lived alone with once daily package of care which is privately funded. Mrs. A has family who lived nearby and knew of her hospital admission. The handover also revealed that Mrs. A is continent and the orthopaedic team was not aware of her admission. Before Mrs. A got onto the ward the orthopaedic team was called to tell them a patient was coming to the ward with a fractured neck of femur and would need a review. As Mrs. A was over the age of 60 and would be in bed for a prolonged amount of time she would need an air mattress which was ordered and put on the bed before she come. This would help prevent pressure damage. Once Mrs. A was on the ward the trust policy says that a number of assessment are to be done within four hours. These include; • Waterlow • MUST assessment • Sepsis

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