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Starting an organization, managing company emails and organizing projects, and even having your name heard on the likes of Ellen are certainly things to achieve, especially when you 're a young person. In 2011, when Alanna Wall, from Dayton, Ohio, started Polished Girlz at just ten years old, she certainly had big aspirations in mind. Like all major things, it all started with an idea and a passion that grew into something impactful and rewarding. “When I was little, I loved art, drawing, and doing nails”, Alanna said. From there an idea flourished for what she would carry out with those interests. Alanna’s mom, working as a nurse and having plenty of experience with relating to and caring for hospital patients, thought it would be a good idea…show more content…
Among the volunteers of Polished Girlz is McKenzie Camplin. According to McKenzie, “Being a Polished Girl is all about making girls and women feel better about themselves. The organization helps women and girls have better self-esteem.” McKenzie currently volunteers for Polished Girlz on a monthly basis. McKenzie’s mother, a friend of Alanna’s mother, thought McKenzie volunteering for the organization would be great fit for her. Among various volunteering experiences, McKenzie says on a typical day she goes to the Montgomery County Job Center and does nails there. Her work as a volunteer entails decorating nails at birthday parties and participating in fundraisers to raise money for nail polish supplies. According to McKenzie, the most valuable parts about being a volunteer includes all of the friendships and relationships she has established with other volunteers and as well as some of the patients. For McKenzie, working with Alanna and the Polished Girlz has impacted her as a person as it allowed her to, “be more open and receptive to the thoughts, feelings, and needs of others”. In regards to seeing a young person such as Alanna undertaking such a huge and powerful project and vision, McKenzie says, “she makes me feel inspired to start something too, but I’m just not sure what.” Alanna and the Polished Girlz story undoubtedly shows the power

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