Summary Of The Glass Castle By Jeannette Walls

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The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls is a memoir of the author’s life and how she grew up with an alcoholic father and a free willed mother. The book opens with Jeannette in a taxicab and through the window she sees her parents digging the trash for food. She felt ashamed and quickly hid her self from her encounter with them. The memoir of her childhood kicks on from there on as she describes her evolution in the Walls’ family. It begins with her at 3 years of age as she burns herself while cooking a hot dog for herself. She is admitted to hospital and the nurses seem to love her. Jeannette is really amused by getting frequent meals and a gum from one of the nurses. Her father couldn’t leave with her being away from home. From their on we are …show more content…

They moved from town to town depending on how long her father held his job. They finally settled at Battle Mountain for a while where Jeannette and her brother Brain spent most of their time exploring the desert. Her free willed mother spent most of her time with her artwork but one evening changed everything for the Walls’ family. After having a minor altercation with the law where the Walls’ kids fired guns at Billy who seemed to have bothered Jeannette. Like usual, they skedaddled and left for Phoenix where they inherited one of grandmother’s house. In phoenix, everything looks stable for the time being. They had a huge house with multiple rooms. Her mother used some of the rooms for her artwork and Rex-the dad got a job as an electrician. Rex’s drinking becomes the focal point of the section. For her birthday, Jeannette asked her dad to quit drinking and he stops for a while until one night he broke wild and grabbles with his wife and breaks down. The family full of adventure, then decided to go to Welch, West Virginia where Rex grew up and the mother thought his drinking would diminish in the company of his

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