Summary Of The Glass Castle By Jeannette Walls

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Justice is something that people may ultimately interpret differently in terms of what exactly is to be done to obtain such thing.
In the “Glass Castle”, Jeannette Walls tells about her troubled childhood and how she saw everything unfold up to this point. Years of unfairness and frustration went on.
Telling about her father never finding a real job and with the little money he provided he would waste on alcohol to feed his addiction. Along with her uncaring mother that would at times leave her with her siblings alone for days on end. All proved to be quite the weight on Jeannette as she from a very young age knew she could not live the rest of her life like that. Jumping from broken home to broken home in different city every other week with barely any money to eat. She began to develop new mindset, that one of survival and wanting to succeed. Get a new life with a real family that really cared for her.
Justice to her was being able to sleep with a heater during the winter. Having caring parents that supported each other and did not bicker all the time. Having a work at a jewelry shop at the young age of 13 and being abused …show more content…

She decided to leave her abusive parents behind and move on to a better life as the true meaning of justice to her was that of being actually happy in her life. Satisfied or at least proud to say who she was. All this came from a taxi drive back home when she had spotted her parents digging through trash like they did so often when she was a child. It was not a sense of guilt but of pride in knowing she was able to stay away from the toxicity and formed her own life. Finding justice and what she thought she really deserved the entire time. It was disheartening to see her own parents still living the same life but felt like they never made the effort to change their situation. Something Jeannette

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