The Responsibility Of Jeanette Walls In The Glass Castle By Jeannette Walls

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The ideas developed throughout The Glass Castle showcased many ways Jeanette Walls was able to take responsibility for mainly herself and also others in her family. In The Glass Castle Jeannette Walls is tasked with taking care of herself a lot of the time due to the lack of responsibility in the parents' parenting routines. Rose Mary and Rex Walls had been very adventurous people when they were younger, thus resulting in them having a mindset of “live like we are always on an adventure” was their type of mindset. The children often had to raise themselves for instance they would cook their food and find ways to entertain themselves and this didn't always end in the best way. When Jeanette was three she had to cook her hot dogs on the stove …show more content…

That plan unfortunately did not work and he came up with the plan for The Glass Castle, that plan also ended up being a failure by the end of the memoir. Despite those ideas that Rex had he still was unable to be a great father and provide for his family, his alcoholism caused many problems in their family where he was making threats and would even hurt the kids at times. This is when Jeanette would learn to stand up to her father and protect her siblings. Even though Lori was the oldest of the siblings she was not always able to take care of her siblings because of personal and mental struggles. So in that case Jeanette is tasked with the job of taking care of her …show more content…

When she was moving from house to house she always had to be the bigger person to help her family and her siblings, nothing was easy for her but she learned how to manage finances and how to keep her family afloat. For most of her young years, she had to mentor her siblings and be that strong role model that shaped her siblings into the adults they turned out to be. Jeanette also had to face her past in many ways throughout her life and find ways to move past the painful memories and difficult traumas. She also realized as she got older that her parents were not even close to other children's parents and that with each day that went by her parents were failing her. She also had to deal with finding exciting things that were only to be taken from her, like when her mother inherited all the money and told Jeanette she had a huge home in Texas. Her mother told Jeanette and the family that she had inherited all this money just for her and Rex to use it all and send them back to having no money and barely a place to

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