Hope In Jeannette Walls The Glass Castle

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“Believe in miracles…. Hope is never lost” (Elder Jeffrey R. Holland). Believing that the worst is behind them and that they will come upon a better life is the only way that Jeanette Wall’s family is able to stay afloat. In Jeannette Walls’ memoir The Glass Castle, the symbol of hope is portrayed through a Glass Castle: a real home in which everyone is important and loved. The Glass Castle is the one idea that helps the family continue to grow and move forward even though the Castle has different meaning to each of the members of the family. To Jeanette and her siblings the Glass Castle is a symbol of hope, to the mother, it is a symbol of relaxation and what life would be like without responsibilities, and to dad, it symbolizes every broken promise he has made to his children, but in the Glass Castle, he has not broken a single one. …show more content…

It is the white light at the end of the tunnel, a light in which allows them to continue living life with a better outlook on what is to come. Showing how much they desire for the Glass Castle, Jeannette and Brian find “…a shovel and pickax…” and slowly dig a hole that gets deeper and deeper, and eventually the once small whole becomes big enough for them “…to disappear in” (155). Jeannette and Brian make what they see as the foundation of the Glass Castle. When the children try to help start the Glass Castle, the happiness and bright light that they see in their future shows through. Jeannette and Brian’s drive to start the Glass Castle shows how much they hope for their dream to one day become reality. Without this idea of the Glass Castle, Jeannette and her siblings would nothing left to hope for. Nothing would give them the drive to move forward any

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