Symbolism In Jeanette's 'Glass Castle'

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Glass Castle: The “glass castle” symbolizes Rex’s; Jeanette’s father’s hope and dreams. Before Lori was born; Rex and Rose had a baby girl whom unfortunately died at nine months. This caused a spiral downfall in Rex’s life making him become bitterer, gloomy, dark, and an increasing consumption of alcohol. But even though that situation occurred he still held on to that dream of building the glass castle. One of the biggest current problem he faces in his life is alcoholism. Alcoholism has affected both his life and his family’s lives as well; even though he knows how badly it’s affecting him, dreaming of building that glass castle can be implied as his hope of one day overcoming his drinking problem. Just like the glass castle itself Rex’s hope and dreams are fragile and can be easily shattered however by never giving up on his dream it shows that he still has hope that one day he will build a better and happy life in the future for himself and his family.

Fire: Fire is a reoccurring symbols that affects Jeanette’s life. As a young child, Jeanette had a traumatic experience when she was at a ripe age of 3 years old and she caught herself on fire while cooking hot dogs all by herself. In addition to that she had other reoccurring ordeals with fire in the hotel and uncle Stanley’s house in Welsh. From a …show more content…

In contrast with the tree; the walls family were always beaten down due to poverty, spun in different directions by the wind; as in the millions of miles they move about through the country but they also have strong roots as well. Rose; Jeanette’s mother shows a deep interest and fascination over the tree. She loves to study and make portraits about it. In Rose’s perspective the tree is her view about her family; deep underneath their dysfunctional roots of trial and hardships they face; there is a strong bond of love and compassion that they have together as a

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