Analysis Of The Glass Castle By Jeannette Walls

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The Glass Castle is a memoir written by Jeannette Walls, it portrays her life story and shows her hardships. It begins in the Arizona desert with little Jeannette boiling some hot dogs, did I mention that she was only three. So it didn't come as a surprise when her dress caught on fire and caused her whole right side to be burnt to a crisp. When she was taken to the hospital she seemed to enjoy it there more than her home because she wouldn't mind being in a lot of pain. The most common theme in this book is mobility, this is because they move around almost every month due to the "FBI" chasing the Walls' father Rex and when her father came to the hospital and scooped up Jeanette before she was cleared again it did not come as a surprise. Jeannette has two siblings as of now, her younger brother Brian, and her older sister Lori, these two always seemed to have stuck with each other. For example, when they were traveling from San Francisco to Phoenix Jeannette fell out of the back seat and onto the road, if it weren't for Brian and Lori's screaming then the parents would have not known because they didn't …show more content…

I could tell from the words that Jeannette used to describe her that Erma was going to be a terrible person, and she was. She was very ignorant, she wouldn't allow laughter, and she didn't like that Jeannette hung around black people. One day when she was mending Brian's pants, that were still on his body, she touched his private areas and he began to cry. When Jeannette rushed in there and saw this she began to scream that Erma was a pervert and Lori came in and told everyone to calm down, which only led to more screaming and Erma began cussing at Lori and finally she had enough, Lori began to punch and tackle Erma, this led to the kids being thrown into the basement and not being allowed to eat food that night. This again brings back the theme of all of the kids sticking

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