Analysis Of The Glass Castle By Jeannette Walls

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After reading The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls I was excited to see the movie and finally see what I saw in my head, all in front of my own eyes “But popular books aren’t just indications of how successful the movies the inspire will be.” (Doll). The cast of the movie all did an excellent job of playing the role of the people in the book. In the beginning of both the book and the film had the important part where Jeannette had seen her mother digging through the trash and Jeannette felt really embarrassed and then taking her mother out to lunch a few days after. Although it was the same scenario it was display from book to movie quite differently. The scene of the book that I viewed was when Jeannette was on the way to the dinner party …show more content…

In the beginning of the movie Jeannette was at the dinner with her husband, which in the book she never actually goes to the party.Jeannette’s husband is very supportive and helps her with her parents.In the book Jeannette says “My husband was working late, as he did most nightstand the apartment was silent”(Walls 3). Jeannette appears to be a crowd pleaser and a comedian trying to impress the other people at dinner. Jeannette after dinner gets into the taxi to go home and on the way there she sees her mother digging in to the dumpster similar to the book but then her dad runs in front of the car and yells at the driver. This is when Jeannette decides to sink down into her seat and hides from them. Jeannette then is at home and calls Lauri and tells her what happened. Jeannette does not to appear to be ashamed of her actions but more annoyed at her parents. Jeannette then goes to lunch with her mother the next day. Her mother knows that she is embarrassed by them and confronts Jeanette about it. Her mother tell she isn't living the right lifestyle and she actually is not happy and not marry the guy. Jeannette ignores her mother to reassure to her she is happy and she truly is in love. The marriage was not mentioned in the book and neither did the husband or the parents know of each …show more content…

The Jeannette role that was played by Brie Larson did a good job of showing how Jeannette is as a person. Her personality was changed slightly in the book I saw her as still loving but in the movie she seemed more annoyed with her parents than embarrassed and guilty. I believe Naomi Watts who play Rose Mary or Jeanette's mother couldn’t have been more perfect. Those were the only two main characters in the book in that section. Added in the movie were Jeannette’s father and her husband. The father was also perfect but the husband seemed very involved with her life which in the book it does not seem that way. The plot from book to movie was changed and but mostly the same

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